Dr. Norman's Fall ENGG 2004 233 L02 page

Last modified: Tue Jan 11 16:51:41 MST 2005

What this page is for

I will not be posting complete lecture notes on line!

I plan to use this page to provide information related to the lectures I give in L02. This may include: brief lecture summaries; some C++ code examples; and electronic copies of handouts specific to the L02 lectures.

Students registered in ENGG 233 who are looking for online course information should start with blackboard.ucalgary.ca, the U of C Blackboard system.

ATTENTION: Marks posted for L02

All marks recorded for L02 have been posted on a bulletin board outside ICT 305. You can look at this list to find out your final exam mark and to check that your lab and midterm marks were recorded correctly.

Midterm statistics for L02

Below is some statistical information about how students in L02 did on the midterm. I don't know exactly how this compares to results from other sections, but I believe other sections got similar averages.
Number of papers submitted: 138

Average mark: 43.24 / 60  (or 72.1 percent)

Highest score: 58.5 / 60
75th percentile (1/4 of scores were this good or better): 52 / 60 
median (half of scores were this good or better): 45.5 / 60 
25th percentile (3/4 of scores were this good or better): 36.5 / 60 

Histogram of marks (each * is one student's score):

    55.5-60 **********
    50.5-55 *******************************
    45.5-50 ******************************
    40.5-45 ***************
    35.5-40 ***********************
    30.5-35 *************
    25.5-30 *********
    20.5-25 ***
    15.5-20 ***
    10.5-15 *

Online copies of handouts specific to L02

(Use Blackboard to find handouts common to L01, L02, L03 and L04.)

Handouts are in the Adobe pdf format.