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Electrical Engineering 315:
Introduction to Data Structures
and Software Development

Home Page for the Winter 1996 Session

Document created 8 December 1995 by Steve Norman.
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Lecture and Lab Instructor (and Web Page Author)

Dr. S. A. Norman
Assistant Professor
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Course Information

Official course outline
Paper copies will be handed out in the lecture period Monday, January 8.
Teaching assistants
Who are the TAs? Which one of them marked Lab[N]?
Course-related books
Information about textbooks, Reserve Reading, and some other good books about C++.
Brief lecture summaries
These are very brief lists of topics, NOT online lecture notes.
Handout list
A list of all handouts given out so far in the course.
Course content handouts:
Memory Diagrams for C++, Part I (paper copies Jan 15)
Midterm Review (paper copies Feb 14)
Pointers to Functions in C and C++ (paper copies March 6)
Quicksort Efficiency (paper copies March 20)
Final Exam Review (paper copies April 12)
Lab assignment information
All lab handouts; solutions to some of the lab exercises.
Information about future assignments.
ENGG 333 Fall 1995 Home Page
Some of the ENGG 333 material is very relevant to ENEL 315.